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A Beginner's Guide to Internet Marketing
You CAN succeed online

Essential skills to learn & use to make your site a success

Search engines - submitting your site - optimising your web site - promoting via Pay Per Click - general web site marketing strategies - monitoring your ROI (return on investment) - getting links to your site - how to sell online - selling other people's goods and services using affiliate programs - geting affiliates to do your selling for you - running a blog to boost your site - writing content for your web site - simple web site design advice - email marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation
Making your web site search engine friendly, how to get a Google friendly site
Search Engines
Finding search engines, submitting your site to search engines, checking your rankings
Pay Per Click
Finding PPC services, how to run your campaign
Internet Marketing
What to look for and what to avoid when promoting your business online
Checking Your ROI
How to monitor the cost-effectiveness of your online marketing
Getting Links
How to get links to your web site from other site owners
Selling Online
How to sell goods and services online 24/7/365, shopping carts, payment service providers
Affiliate Marketing
Selling other people's goods and services for a commission, getting affiliates to sell your goods for you
Run a blog and get more traffic to your site
Content Writing
Content is king - how to keep expanding your site with fresh material
Basic HTML
Learn basic HTML and design your own web site - it's really quite easy
Email Marketing
The pros and cons of email marketing

So, you have a business that makes you a decent income, and maybe you are thinking of taking it online. We've all heard that people are making fortunes on the internet, but how exactly should you set about designing a web site and spreading the word about your business to the world? If you can get it right, the possibilities are unlimited. Mostly, however, people are rather unsure what to do and they end up with nice-looking web sites that no one ever sees. By then, your web site designer is long gone with your money.

But, the big secret is finally out. If you want to, you can do all the site design and web site promotion work yourself. It isn't rocket science. You don't need a whistles-and-bells web site. You just need some advice and some gentle steering to set you in the right direction.

Check through this web site and you will find plenty of information, and links to useful sources of advice where the mysteries of online marketing are made clear. You can save thousands on wasted expenditure by studying this web site, and you can have a short-cut to success if you follow the simple advice that you will find.

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